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 Latest on how Willow & Co has helped others.
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Helping Spaniel Assist

If you want to help Spaniel assist with your order pop "send spaniel assist 10% " in your order notes and they will receive 10% sent via paypal to help them with much needed funds to rescue and look after dogs in need. 

Fixing work from other memorial Jewellery businesses 

Its very important to make sure you completely trust the company you choose to make your memorial Jewellery, It really isn't worth jumping to a piece of jewellery on price alone. So many people now compare prices but don't actually read about the company and what cover they will actually give you if something goes wrong with your jewellery. 


Try and make sure you comply by the terms and conditions and the care sheet of your jewellery.

Sometimes life gets away with us and we can forget to remove jewellery for showers or you may accidently spray with a perfume for example. Should this harm your jewellery at all then you would expect where you purchased to help you, even if its out of terms and at cost.


Sadly this wasn't the case for my customer who had a necklace made with ashes for a lasting memory. The company made the jewellery with no colour so the silver tarnished behind the ashes in areas that were not covered. Customer would not of known this would happen until it happened and was then offered absolutely no support at all and was in fact ignored in the end. This lady just wanted her necklace fixed even if she had to pay. Now this maker didn't know how to fix the item due to inexperience in the field.


I was then approached to see if I could save this necklace. 

After receiving this necklace i got to work removing all the resin and ashes and saving the ashes used. I cleaned up the stones, silver and the necklace chain which had tarnish from waring necklace in water every day. I re made the necklace in a beautiful white with the saved ashed placed within the colour and then smaller ashes placed on top. I didnt charge this client but instead I have used the images to make awareness to others to be carefull where you choose to make your special items.

Before and after picture below.

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