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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Welcome to Willow & Co.

I am Louise and I am 31 years old. Willow & Co is my little baby business. I pour my heart and soul into making my customers stunning memorial and keepsake jewellery and keeping up with my followers on my FB page. 

I am a mum to little Oliver and I have 3 much loved dogs, a crazy parrot, Iguana and a little tort. Nothing like living the crazy busy life.. lets not forget my partner Daniel too. 

Willow, one of my Spaniels is the inspiration behind my business. Willow has been by my side through some tough times, my mums cancer diagnosis, loosing my mum 6 years later, the loss of our unborn baby and the loss of my nan (all in the past 3 years.)

 I think we all know I know only to well how tough life can be. I do my best to offer my customers the support of a chat. Not everyone has family they can speak to. Don't hesitate to message me, I don't bite!

You will see a few pictures below of my little crew.

Willow & Co helps support animal rescues with giveaways. I don't have room in my pack for anymore but I do what I can to help raise vets funds to help those in need.


I don't seem to have an off switch when it comes to my Business because I truly love what I do... but I do try. Don't be surprised if I message you in the evenings when I cant resist going back out to do some work. I try to Close for making on a weekend but I still reply to messages and have the odd few hours in the workshop.


Why choose Willow & Co

I started off  Willow & Co a few years ago now, I was determined to offer memorial and keepsake jewellery that's not only made with love and care but also affordable.

Many times now I have had to correct jewellery that's been purchased very cheap and not with the skills to make memorial jewellery, be selective where you order from. 


A lot of people turn noses up at resin jewellery because of the chances of items yellowing when not looked after properly. If you take your jewellery off when cleaning and in water, swimming pools and washing hands etc, you jewellery will keep the correct colour and shine. All this info is given on my aftercare sheet.

  Resin jewellery enables you to be able to have hair, fur, teeth, flowers etc encased within your items. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GLASS!

I have so many customers who don't wish to part with ashes and want hair and fur encased..

with Resin this also enables us to create many designs such as beach and sky designs. The designs are endless. you don't just have to choose one colour for an item.. you can have a quote for different styles if you wish.

Willow & Co does its best to use a high grade jewellery resin which enables items to scratch less and with a high shine and UV stability. If items do dull over time, they can be re shined. it all depends on the care you give to your jewellery.


This is my making bench, items are made here and then left to cure and be packed on the other side.

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