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Paw Print Jewellery

Having Jewellery made with your pets paw print

Paw print jewellery is becoming more and more popular amongst pet owners. 

We go through owning pets to having daily paw prints left in places we dont really want them. I know from owning spaniels that muddy paw prints on the floors is an absolute nightmare. Not to mention running up the stairs and jumping on the freshly washed bedding. 

When they are no longer with us, this annoying habit they had is soon missed. what we would give to have the muddy paw prints, the endless amounts of fur, tripping over toys and slobbery kisses.

Capture your pets paw print with a Willow & Co simple print kit and I can capture your pets paw print into stunning handmade fine silver jewellery. I do not etch these. I completely handmake the jewellery and I imprint the image of the paw deep into the silver.




Ordering/making Process

1.Order your necklace or keyring on the Willow & Co Shop. 

2.I will send you a simple inkless print kit to take a print of your pets paw if you don't already have a print.

3.Take a picture of the paw print nice and clear and send this to me via e mail or messenger. You can post to me if you wish to.

4. I use the clear image and create the artwork for creating your paw necklace.

5.Allow approx 4-6 weeks for me to make your item.

6. You can have a short name or initials hand stamped onto the back of your necklace. this is not engraved. its stamped deep.

7. Your necklace is posted to you with either a keepsake or memorial certificate for a lasting memory.

8. The print  is yours to keep so this will be returned if you have posted this to me.

How to take the prints?

You will receive a wipe and x2 A5 paper pieces in the pack.

The wipe will feel dry to the touch, this is how they are so don't think that it wont print. careful of touching the paper as you will print your finger prints. try and keep all touching of the paper to the edges once a printing wipe has been opened.

you will only be able to print on one side of the paper. follow the paper instructions given.

open the wipe and wipe pets paw. 

press down onto the paper and repeat if needed.

the longer the paw is held the darker the print will go. don't worry if it doesn't go very dark... this is where my editing comes into play. print paw as many times as you can and then I can find the best print to work from. 

Claws are edited out and excess fur is also edited out however it is easier to take prints after pad fur is trimmed.

Please have a chat with the vets your using, they may have a print kit or you can use paper and paint if there are no other options. A lot of vets offer a paw printing service if you ask them to. 

If your pet has passed away, please only send a picture of the print to me and keep the origional.

How to get a print after pet has passed away?

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