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What Willow & Co has to offer


Here at Willow & Co Memorials I work with pet and human cremains and also hair or fur. I also can place breastmilk and certain materials but I'm afraid I do not work with skin, teeth or umbilical cords. 



Memorial Jewellery

I make Jewellery and home items that capture ashes, hair or fur within to give you a lasting memory of pets and loved ones. These come with a memorial certificate of authenticity. 


Coloured Jewellery

If you do not wish to have hair, fur or ashes placed within jewellery you can choose a colour from my colour range that reminds you of your pet or loved one instead.


Keepsake Jewellery

I make Jewellery and home items as keepsakes using Breastmilk, children and family hair. these come with a keepsake certificate of authenticity.


Forget me not Jewellery

Forget me not petals are placed within jewellery as a memory if you do not wish to place ashes, hair or fur. They can also be placed with ashes and some items with fur or hair too. They will come with a certificate of authenticy.

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