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Jewellery Aftercare 

You have now received your beautiful Jewellery encapsulating your pet or loved ones hair , ashes, handprints etc

Please follow these guidelines on how to care for your products.

Sterling Silver is a soft metal and it just loves to be worn. If your storing sterling silver you need to keep them stored in an air tight packet to help reduce tarnish. Over time Silver that is exposed to the natural air and water that is in the atmosphere will get a natural blackening. This is called Patina. When your items start to get natural Patina you can simply take a polishing cloth suitable for silver and clean the items. Never use the polishing cloth on the resin areas of your items. This could cause them to dull.(Contact me if this happens and I can re coat to fix.)


*DONT LEAVE IN A WINDOWSIL WHEN NOT BEING WORN! ignoring this could cause damage.

This is not covered by Willow & Co as it would be caused from going against care guidelines but please do contact me because 90% of the time I can reverse damage to ashes area. 

 If this does happen and I will do my best to fix where possible but you will need to pay for postage costs and for a re make if I am unable to fix the item.

 The resin used at Willow & Co is a jewellery resin which is non-toxic, high uv resistance but advisable to keep out of water due to chemicals in items we use in water.

Plated items are for light wear only as you may wear the plating down over time. if this happens this is not cvered by Willow & Co.

Jewellery with stones placed - these are covered for 30 Days from Receipt of your order. I do not replace stones .If stones are damaged within 30 days the ashes stone will be removed from your jewellery and replaced into a new setting.. 

European Charm cores - these are covered against damage and should one come away from your charm please make contact and I will replace the core at no charge. You will just need to pay to post your charm to me. I cover return post.

Sterling silver necklace chains - these are covered for 30 days against damage but not against tarnish. If you snap your chain or break you clasp within 30 days I will send out a replacement at my own cost. After 30 days if you require a new chain this will be at buyers cost.

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